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By the end of this guide, you should understand what this server is, what its goals are, what is expected behavior, how it works, and how to find more information on specific server functionality.


CivGarden is a politically focused simulation that aims to make the player as free as possible to form their own political, social, and economic order.

CivGarden requires a legitimately purchased Minecraft account.

The server is currently running 1.7.10, though you can connect with clients from 1.7.2 to 1.8

There is no schedule for map resets.

Disclaimer: This guide is a based off of the original from civ2. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the original.


  • Remember, its just a game, strictly speaking.
  • No cheating.
  • No doxxing.
  • There are no other rules.


This server is a space for civilization, cooperation, trade, conflict, and production. CivGarden seeks to reclaim the essence of the Civilization server genre and direct its development into true civilization features.

Expected Behavior

While raiding and griefing are hesitantly allowed, as players are expected to use the Citadel plugin, players are encouraged to band and work together, engage in trade and commerce, and to explore the world.

The aim is to maintain a civilization server, not a pvp server.

Who runs the server?

The server, forum, and wiki are run out of pocket and administered by the admin team.

Development is done by the dev team.

What plugins are on here? What versions?

Check out Plugins.

Further Server Information

No personally identifiable information is stored other than IPs of all connections made and the usernames of users who have connected to the server.

Information on the forums or wiki is publicly visible, however an account must be made in order to make changes or contribute to either.

As of now, nearly all of the plugins are based on April 13, 2015 from the main CivCraft branch. This also means that the server is running 1.7.10, however 1.8.x clients can connect without issue as well.

How To Connect

You can download a Minecraft client from here:

Open your minecraft client, change your profile such that you are using version 1.7.10 or any 1.8.

If you need help downgrading your version, see this guide for help:

IP Address

Click on multiplayer and in the server address name type

Click add server, connect, and you should be in the server.

Check out the forums to see player discussions at, explore the wiki to dive into the features, and come back regularly to check for new updates.


Mods are not necessary to play on the server. All gameplay features are done server-side.

However, there are some recommended mods which improve the gameplay experience for many.

You can find the mods and installation instructions on Recommended Mods.

Help! My game keeps crashing when I try to join!

This is likely the issue:

If you don't want to click on the links, here is the solution:

You have probably played 1.8 in this launcher. Your problem is likely due to options.txt in the Minecraft folder file having a render distance set really high (because of 1.8). From what I read, "Minecraft doesn't validate that the render distance is a supported value before trying to use it (apparently)."

Deleting the options.txt file is the fix for this crash for most people who experience it.


To fix this on windows, simply navigate to the %appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft directory and delete the options.txt file.

Restart the game. Now you should be able to connect without error.