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While client modifications are not mandatory to play CivGarden, they can greatly improve your experience and provide a large amount of utility. Note that modifications that provide an unfair advantage are not allowed, unless specifically noted on this list.

Mod Loaders

The modifications on this list require a mod loader, either Forge or LiteLoader.

Minecraft Forge 1.7.10

LiteLoader 1.7.10 Stable:

Installation instructions

Windows and Linux

First run Minecraft and enter a single player world.

Exit it.

Run the Forge installer (either via executable .jar on Linux or .exe on Windows) linked above and then open Minecraft and enter a single player world again.

Exit it again.

Now run the LiteLoader installer (either via executable .jar on Linux or .exe on Windows). Make sure you extend from the specified Forge version we just installed.

Once that finishes, set your Minecraft version to the modified version of 1.7.10 with Forge and LiteLoader in its name.

Run that once, exit, and then proceed to adding the mods.

General Mods

These mods are extremely useful, and all players would benefit from using them.

OptiFine improves performance, adds more options to configure Minecraft graphics, and adds a zoom feature.

OptiFine 1.7.10 HD U E7:

VoxelMap is a minimap that allows you to set waypoints and see terrain. It's useful for remembering where towns, hideouts, and other areas of interest are.

VoxelMap 1.7.10b:

GammaBright allows you to change your gamma to see in the dark, essentially acting as a toggleable "daylight mode".

GammaBright 1.7.10 3.3:

RadarBro shows the location of animals, items, and players on a radar. It's useful for spotting other players, or particular animals.

RadarBro 1.7.10:

Installation instructions


In order to enable the mods we have downloaded, we need to place them in the appropriate directory.

On Windows this looks something like C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods\1.7.10 , where USERNAME is your Windows username.

Alternatively %appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\mods\1.7.10\ is the same path.

If the mods and 1.7.10 sub-directory don't exist, then create them.



Combat Specific

These mods are useful for PvP, but not much else.

bspkrsCore 1.7.10 6.16 (dependency):

ArmorStatusHUD lets you see the durability of your armor and sword. Useful for knowing when your armor is about to break in combat.

ArmorStatusHUD 1.7.10 1.28 (requires bspkrsCore):

StatusEffectHUD lets you see your potion buff and debuff durations at the edge of your screen. Useful for knowing when you need to drink more buffs, or why you're moving slowly.

StatusEffectHUD 1.7.10 1.27 (requires bspkrsCore):